Our Professional Services

Our Professional Services


Property selection

At Broker Commerciale Exclusive Real Estate, we add to our portfolio only those properties that meet our buyers’ requirements, making a careful selection based on specific property features, including best locations, as well as unique cultural-historic and architectonic characteristics, in order to create an exclusive range of offers.

Personalized sales contracts

Thanks to our more-than-twenty-year experience in design, construction and real estate marketing, we can provide you with high quality and specific services tailored to your needs on a full-time basis, adopting specific marketing strategies entirely personalized.
Our staff’s high degree of professionalism and expertise allows us to evaluate and manage properties, taking care of every details to maximize the value of our clients’ estates, in order to complete a successful sale with extreme discretion and confidentiality.

Property inspection

In order to guarantee the maximum price of the properties offered for sale, our selected personnel will complete a full and detailed property inspection together with the owner, to collect all the necessary details and information that will enable us to write an exhaustive report.
To provide our clients with a realistic idea of what our listings look like, we invest a lot of energy in writing accurate property descriptions that, together with a wide range of professional photos and technical details, we hope will be able to transfer those magical feelings and emotions that only such beautiful and unique estates can provide.


In response to markets globalization, an effective international marketing plan has become an essential instrument when relating to foreign clients who are keen to invest in our “Bel Paese”.
Therefore, we rely on our multilingual internet website, as well as on a well-developed network, to reach a large audience all over the world.
In order to increase the number of our selected customers, we constantly invest to improve our services and our marketing plan that provides us with large-scale visibility, mainly through international property portals, but also national websites and social networks.
Moreover, we work intensively with many qualified and fully licensed agents and firms, both Italian and international, and publish regular advertisements in local newspaper and magazines. In addition, we attend the many large events and property exhibitions.


In order to manage our data-base and keep our contacts constantly up-to-date, we regularly send an updating email about the most recent properties that have been added to our portfolio to specific potential targeted clients, both Italian and foreign.


Customers come first

At Broker Commerciale Exclusive Real Estate, we provide a quick and accurate response to your enquiries and we investigate our clients’ needs, by telephone whenever possible, to support and help them find their ideal Italian property.
Thanks to our professional and reliable team, as well as our expertise in the property market luxury segment, we can easily speak directly with our clientele and future buyers in order to better understand their needs and provide a specific assistance to guide them throughout their search, identifying the main features their future dream home must have such as kind of property, size, location and price.
We focus on buyers’ specific requirements in order to select the most suitable properties based on their wishes and send them full details within a short period of time, always being very discreet and confidential.

Concierge service

At Broker Commerciale Exclusive Real Estate, we provide a concierge service, mainly addressed to our foreign clients, to schedule their viewings. A service that takes care of every aspect of their travel including: hotel and flight booking, finding the best restaurants and spa, car hiring and any other need our customer might have in order to make his stay as pleasant and stress free as possible.

Scheduled viewings

Viewings of selected properties will be carefully scheduled and carried out by a qualified and licensed real estate agent who speaks both Italian and English and will accompany you throughout the visits. In case of need, Broker Real Estate will arrange a full translation service in any other language in addition to those above-mentioned.

Legal and techincal inspections/checks

At Broker Commerciale Exclusive Real Estate we will assist you throughout the entire buying process, from beginning to end, taking care of every single aspect of the purchase procedure, and when requested we can provide professional legal and tax advices thanks to our external team of highly skilled consultants. In addition, we will introduce you to local surveyors and architects, who will complete the necessary checks to verify that all planning permissions for the property you are going to buy are in place, thus guaranteeing you against any possible issue before and after closing the deal.
Our network of professional consultants, with specific knowledge about regulations in every country, will support you guaranteeing protection, transparency and safety of real estate transactions, as our service is based upon these fundamental values.

Financial transactions

At Broker Commerciale Exclusive Real Estate, we help you to arrange safe and transparent financial transactions to complete the purchase, providing full assistance, both to our Italian and international buyers, thanks to the best notaries and legal consultants’ support.
Moreover, through our experts and partnerships with exchange currency brokers, who work with more than 15.000 active clients and complete more than 4,5 billion £ yearly money transfer, with a TrustPilot 9,1/10 rating, we will guide you to make transferring money abroad simple, easy and less expensive. In fact, through our partners you won’t pay any bank commission. This will allow you to save a large amount of money, above all if compared to your traditional bank that would charge you very high fee to complete the same transaction.
Last, but not least, if you need a mortgage we will introduce you to our Italian brokers who can help you to apply and obtain a loan in Italy.


Broker Commerciale Exclusive Real Estate strongly believes in the huge potential of the international market. Indeed foreign investors are always keen to buy our fabulous properties and Italy is the land of their dreams. Despite the worldwide financial crisis that hit property markets over the last decade foreign buyers have not stopped purchasing our magnificent properties. That's due to the immense historical, cultural and real estate heritage that makes Italy the best place to invest your money.
In order to meet our foreign investors' requirements, and to support them throughout the buying process, Broker has decided to establish a dedicated 'Foreign Sales Department'. Not only will this new department offer you full assistance and take care of all the legal aspects of the transaction but also it will help you with other tasks such as finding you a reputable surveyor, applying for a fiscal code and setting up an Italian bank account on your behalf
'Broker Foreign Sales Department', which is managed by experts with many years of experience in the property market, has already established an extensive worldwide network with other real estate agents and continues to seek out new overseas partnership
At Broker Real Estate we always put the care of our clients first and we pride ourselves in fully understanding our customers' needs.


At Broker Commerciale Exclusive Real Estate we offer a specific and targeted property search, based on your search criteria, that aims to find your ideal Italian property through our professional consultants’ expertise.
Our property Finder service is addressed to all those seeking a top quality personalized service tailored to their needs.
Thanks to our local consultants and their deep knowledge of the Italian territory, you will save a lot of money and time and will benefit from many advantages while enjoying your property search.


At Broker Commerciale Exclusive Real Estate, we will provide you with a full after-sale service, to help you handle utility bills and new subscriptions, including water, electricity and gas, besides property yearly tax. In case of need, we can introduce you to local skilled artisans and property managers who will help you to look after your property and deal with daily maintenance.
When requested, we will introduce you to architects, interior designers, surveyors as well as builders who will be pleased to provide you with professional assistance and support during the renovation of your property.